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Is your computer crashing, has it slowed to a crawl? Infected with viruses or annoying advertising spam?

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If you prefer, or if you have a hardware problem or can't get your computer to start at all, we also offer a computer drop-off service for our local Utah customers that's just as fast (usually same day) and equally great value.

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My Fast PC can fix just about anything you throw at us and we've helped thousands of people like you to permanently solve a wide range of computer faults.

There is a special file your computer uses when it is first switched on called the registry.

Over time and as you add or remove computer programs this file can fill up with old and no longer needed information or errors. This can cause long delays when you switch on your computer or it can cause some of your programs to malfunction.

Cleaning out this file and removing information that is no longer required helps your computer start quickly and your programs work error free.

Don't worry, we'll know what it means and we'll know how to fix it. If you aren't a technical wizard then some of the error messages that pop on your screen can leave you with no clue.

Talk to us and we can quickly identify the faults and errors that slow your computer down or stop it working properly. The call and diagnosis is free so there's nothing to lose.

You’ve probably seen tools you can download for free that claim to fix all your computer problems. These DIY solutions can cause more problems than they solve and some contain viruses or annoying advertising spam.

There is no substitute for dealing with a reputable company that you can look up in the phone book and talk to directly! Real professionals with real solutions and based right here in the United States.

Don't panic! We can help to find every virus on your computer and remove it.

We'll show you how to add protection so computer viruses won't come back. Now you can get your tasks done quickly and your data is secure from hackers and thieves.



We help get your computer back up and running to maximum possible efficiency and we even cover the cost of the phone call! If you aren’t completely satisfied with your computer service call us back and will work with you until you are satisfied. It’s that simple.