Comcast Email Sign In and Troubleshooting provides a webmail service through its Xfinity cable and phone subscription packages. Subscribers can create up to seven email addresses with each Xfinity account. If you cancel your subscription you can retain these email addresses provided you access your inbox at least once every nine months.

How to Login to your Email Account

Access your Comcast email using a web browser. To login go to Next, click the menu icon and select the Email link in the dropdown menu.

www comcast net email sign in

On the sign in screen type in your Xfinity username and password.

Comcast Xfinity Primary and Secondary Usernames

If you have subscribed to Xfinity Internet services your primary username was created for you when you registered. The primary username is the administrative user for your account and you can use it to create up to six further usernames so family members can also use your account. These additional identities are called secondary usernames.

If you don’t have a username set up then use the Xfinity Lookup Tool to create a new primary username. You’ll find a link to this at the bottom of the login form, labelled “Don’t have a username? Create One”.

Your username forms the first part of your email address, e.g.

Signing into Your Mailbox

Login to your account by providing either your username, email address or mobile number. Then type in the password. You may also be asked to type in a random letter sequence to prove you are a genuine user and not a robot or other automated tool.

comcast xfinity account login form

Provided your login details are correct, the next screen allows you to switch between your mail inbox and your voice and text messages, if you have those services enabled.


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If you need general help on how to use your email account and how to send and receive messages, please see our Email Support Guide.

How to Recover a Forgotten Comcast Username

If you have problems signing in or can’t remember your username or password then click on one of the links labelled, “Forgot username or password?”, below the Sign In button.

If you have forgotten your username you will be asked for your mobile phone number, or your Xfinity account number, or your social security number as another means of identification.

Provide one of these items and click Continue. Then type in the letter sequence you see on the screen and your username will be displayed.

How to Reset your Comcast Password

If you have forgotten your password you will need to reset it. Click on the password link below the Sign In button. Supply your username and click the Continue button.

Now you will need to provide your recovery email address. This will either be your main address or a personal email address you have set up for the account.

A special email will be sent to this address that contains a link you will need to click to reset your password. Click this link and select your new password.

Now you can go back to the main login screen and enter your new details to gain access to your email and other services.

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